Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Election Day in Downtown Racine 3:00 report

I did a few checks today of Festival Hall in Downtown Racine.  They have 2 wards voting there today as of 3:00 the total votes was less than 1000 combined.  New Registration's were very high I saw 8 people in line and 8 at the table registering.

A friend of mine who has lots of experience with Racine..and especially Festival hall and the plans that have been used to cheat in the past.  Told me of a story where a man was handing out slips of paper with names and addresses to people deboarding a GOTV van.  Today we have 2 observers at Fest. Hall...I'm encouraging the GOP to get 2 or 3 more poll watchers down there. before 5:00 that's when the cheating ramps up!

Today Jameel Ghurai who is a well known Knock and Dragger..who gets hired to collect voters to show up.  He gets half down in advance..and he guaranty's a certain number of voters, to collect the balance.

I've heard of Voters being given rewards for voting, Cig's drinks, sandwiches etc.

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  1. Thank you for staying on top of this. I referenced this article and two more of yours on my blog, turophiles2cents.wordpress.com