Thursday, June 7, 2012

"It's a Bling thing, you wouldn't understand". Racine Voting

Jameel Ghuari has made a small fortune "Getting out the Vote" for years in the City of Racine.  Milwaukee and most other Democratic leaning city's have their own version of Mr. G.   
This Tuesday Jameel went off on a volunteer election observer screaming about slavery and voter intimidation at Festival Hall in downtown Racine.  the police officer at the scene noted that Mr. Ghuari has a history of this sort of behavior.  I spoke with a Democratic official who had a similar run in several years ago with him.

Now why would Mr. G be so intense?  It's because his scheme is to go out on election and wrap on doors and drag folks down to vote.  He gets paid for this service. (As a capitalist I have no  problem with that portion of his effort), But then he rewards the voters when they display their "I  Voted" sticker with coupons for free drinks, sandwiches and other things of value.  Let's call it "BLING".

I contacted the City Clerks office today to learn why the City was reporting numbers separately from the County Clerk?  I was advised the decision was from the City Administrator and the Clerk, and it's unclear whether the County Clerk was advised.  it seems very fishy to me. 

So obviously the failure of Voter ID to be in effect has caused another scamming of the honest voters in Racine City and County.  We can thank a Lefty Democratic Judge in Madison for gumming up the works.  The Stat Supremes need to bring this issue up immediately before the November Elections.

Vicki McKenna discusses this on her Madison radio program WIBA:
Listen here

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Election Day in Downtown Racine 3:00 report

I did a few checks today of Festival Hall in Downtown Racine.  They have 2 wards voting there today as of 3:00 the total votes was less than 1000 combined.  New Registration's were very high I saw 8 people in line and 8 at the table registering.

A friend of mine who has lots of experience with Racine..and especially Festival hall and the plans that have been used to cheat in the past.  Told me of a story where a man was handing out slips of paper with names and addresses to people deboarding a GOTV van.  Today we have 2 observers at Fest. Hall...I'm encouraging the GOP to get 2 or 3 more poll watchers down there. before 5:00 that's when the cheating ramps up!

Today Jameel Ghurai who is a well known Knock and Dragger..who gets hired to collect voters to show up.  He gets half down in advance..and he guaranty's a certain number of voters, to collect the balance.

I've heard of Voters being given rewards for voting, Cig's drinks, sandwiches etc.