Friday, March 9, 2012

Kenosha County Recall Fraud!!

It looks like our buddy Mark Demet was also busy in KENOSHA CO.!!   I submitted the following information to the Kenosha DA's office and the Sheriff's Dept. for investigation.  I am pleased to report that so far they are taking the investigation seriously! I spoke with the DA's office twice yesterday, and the Asst. DA I spoke with suggested specifically which Sheriff's investigator I should contact, and supported my cause by contacting him independently as well. 

"Today I began reviewing signatures on the Scott Walker recall forms and have already come across a few improprieties, which should be investigate, by the proper authorities. 

Page 071942 from the web site.  (I have copied the pages for you convenience, Contains 6 different persons residing at the Address 4415 31St St, Kenosha, WI 53144.  Each has a different last name than rest except for Mark Demet and Homer Demet.    I have information that Mark Demet resides in the City of Racine with his mother Mary Demet at 2409 Arlington Ave, Racine, WI 53403.  It also appears that Mary Demet is a Widow…The widow of Homer DEMET who died November 6th 2004.   It is suspicion that Homer Demet, Deceased had his name recorded on the Recall forms in order to commit election fraud. Attached is a CCAP report of the death Probate data. Click Here
 It is my suspicion that the deed was done by Mr. Mark Demet, who also falsified each of their addresses, including his own.

I checked via CCAP for each of the other 4 individuals with a connection to that same address, 4415 31st Ave, Kenosha, WI 53144, but I located Zero information about any of them. 

As you look down the petition it is clearly evident that the names and addresses of all 6 persons were printed by the same individual. (see lines 4-9)  According to the recall laws, it IS legal to be preformed by the CIRCULATOR only! NOT by any other individual.  The printing style and ink pressure in no way matches the printing style of Laurie Bonnar the circulator.  Either Ms. Bonnar, knowingly allowed one person to fill out 6 lines of this form and attested to it’s veracity, or Ms. Bonnar allowed the circulation papers out of her sight, and still swore to the veracity of those signatures which she did not in fact witness.

I urge the DA’s and it’s law enforcement agents to investigate Ms. Bonnar and the 6 “Signers”, to verify the addresses match these folks and furthermore to ensure that each of the 4 persons did in fact wish to sign this recall.  Further to check whether Mr. Mark Demet does in fact hold residence at 4415 31st Ave, or does he in fact reside at 2409 Arlington.  Did Mr. Mark Demet bear false witness at either residence in attempt to commit Election Fraud? Finally and most importantly was the identity theft of a deceased individual used for the purposes of forgery on a Recall petition, and was that deed committed by Mr. Mark Demet? Was Ms. Bonnar aware that her circulation papers were being falsified by someone impersonating a deceased individual?

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

                   Ken Brown Citizens for Responsible Government"

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