Wednesday, February 1, 2012

This is what Election Fraud Looks like!!

Election Fraud it's all in the family!

I took the time to take a cursory glance at the 700 pages of Alpha sorted names from the Wangaard recall, click Alpha list I was just looking for my own name and that of a few folks  I expected to find, and to see if others who shouldn't be listed were on the list.  Sure enough I had only to get to the "D's"..and I found my friend Jeff is reported to have signed the Recall.......4 Times!!!  I know my friend Jeff wouldn't have signed this recall..and I spoke with him today and he denied having signed and was clearly bothered that his name was on the this recall.  He will be signing an affidavit to stipulate he didn't sign these recalls.  I then took the names of all of the people with his last name and compared them to the actual documents originals Original recall forms PDF,  I found that "Jeff" had been recorded as a signer on forms circulated by Carmen Lassiter, John Scott, Brittanny Calloway, and on page 2755 by Mark Demet.  On this very same page Mark collected names and signatures of Mary, (Mark's own mother, who is unlikely to have signed this recall), and Jeff and Mark's other brother Greg Demet, who doesn't live in Racine and has lived in WATERTOWN, for the past 25 years!

The other 3 signatures for "Jeff" appear to match the writing style of Mark Demet, based upon his, (Marks) signature on page 2755 as the circulator! Thus I don't presume the forgery was committed by Carmen, John or Brittanny. 

Mary signature as recorded above on form # 2755, is also located on form # 3428, which was also circulated by Mark Demet!  not once but twice he knowingly either forged, or allowed to have forged his own Mothers signature!!

Also recorded twice was a "Jackson Demet", who is the son of Mark..and is signed with 2 different addresses. one on Arlington...the other on Buckingham, in Sturtevant I believe. Mark also signed twice as himself on form #2509 with Sergio Angliano; and secondly on form #241, where Laura Betker was the circulator. 

Now these were just for Van Wangaard's recall..I presume we will find these multiple fakes and forgeries on documents for Walker and Kleefish.   I will be turning this information over to the GAB, the Racine County DA's office, and the FBI, as well as the Van Wangaard campaign!.   Forgery of a legal document is a Federal offense I do believe..and I presume, at the very least it's a State offense.   If I was able to locate this level of fraud with just a cursory many will we find with closer examination.  No wonder the Dems and the ACLU were trying to keep the Walker recalls form out of the eyes of the public!

Update:  Jackson Demet from Racine, WI gives his address as LaCrosse, WI on his FB page!. So does he live at EITHER of the addresses he signed as?  I would be curious to find out if he signed the Kapanke recalls last summer...hmmmm?

Media inquiries:

 Media Trackers picked up the story...and Mark Demet left a comment threatening Libel!

WTMJ Channel 4 has the 10:00 news story here:  TV Interview. oicked up the story as well.

UPDATE:   DA charges Mark DEMET with 9 Felony Charges:  CCAP report


  1. I'm a volunteer with Verify The Recall and I'm astounded at the stupidity of these blatant frauds. I'm assuming that there'll be a recall but it is worth going over these petitions just to prove what we have been saying for years. The progressives in Wisconsin have been perpetrating election fraud and we are not going to stand for it any longer!

  2. Here's Jeff and family's itinerary for tomorrow:

    1st stop, lawyer.

    2nd stop, District Attorney...


  3. I'm glad I was not on Vans, but I didn't check the Walkers yet. Do they have it alphabetical?

  4. No the Walker stuff could be several days to a week before it's accessible!

  5. What is the legal requirement regarding the addresses on these petitions? Is it the person's registered voting address, or if you are going to college for example, your current address? One thing I have noticed is that on various petitions there are widely geographically dispersed petitioners who seem to sign on the same day.

  6. Please keep us updated on how this turns out!

  7. Hey, Ken,
    I signed. Once. I'm proud of it.
    There are thousands and thousands just like me.
    Get over it.
    Your friend,

  8. Good for you AL....Did you not read what the article was about? It wasn't about was about signing up other people fraudulently. There is no reason too think there will be enough fraud to stop the recall..but it is certainly worth pointing out the level of deception some people are willing to perpetrate in the name of "Democracy". If they believed in Democracy, they would've accepted the results of last November and tried to turn the tides when the next elections occurred. That is "What'Democracy' looks like!"

  9. Al, you should pay for this recall also. I know we should take this case to the courts, anybody who signs these petitions will get the bill. Let their wallet back their ignorant mouths.

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  11. Thank you for staying on top of this. I referenced this article and two more of yours on my blog,