Sunday, February 5, 2012

StreetLight Escapades

"We'll leave the Light on." .....just not all of them.
The City of Racine, and WE-Energies  is turning off lights and removing streetlight poles and this is a good thing, in the opinion of CRG.

 The fact is, in this area of the city they have far more lights closer together than any other part of the city.  By removing a few lights and saving the taxpayers $$ is one of the hard choices that Mayor Dickert and the council have made. CRG salutes them!  We can save $80,000 a year!

While it's true Mayor Dickert shouldn't be blaming Gov Walker or the State Govt for these cuts, when OUR OWN City Council approved contract extensions that are costing us 100's of thousands of dollars per year in excess costs, which Gov Walker bravely gave them the power to enact. This could've been used to save taxpayers money and or save/ continue services.    CRG feels even if we had enacted Act 10, it's still irresponsible to keep lighting up streets excessively if the taxpayers are flipping the bill!

CRG asks: Why is Racine constantly looking to taxpayers from other parts of our state and country to cover our shortfalls, and excess spending?   For instance most communities in Wisconsin do not have trash collectors on salary as city employees with huge benefit programs;..and yet those little town citizens are being taxed by the state and feds so that the money those people have earned can be STOLEN from them in Hayward and Eagle River..and given to Racine..because Racine is unwilling to be responsible with it's own tax dollars..and feels Racine's folks are "ENTITLED" to have our trash collected by expensive city employees.  It's time to hire a private company to bid on the trash collection,  street sweeping, snow plowing, park mowing, trimming, foresting and numerous other services' thus reduce our spending at the City level by at least 15-25%.  CRG says pay off our debt ASAP,  and we can still provide taxpayers with the SERVICES they NEED and not breaking our banks or excessively taxing the community!

If every resident in the area losing streetlights would install a 75 watt bulb it would provide the same light to the street, and thus the safety needed for the citizenry with out asking every one else in the city, county, state and country to keep them out of the "dark".  Open your eyes can do this yourselves!

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