Monday, February 27, 2012

Addressing the Fake Pension Scare for Govt. Employees

Greetings Aldermen, Exec. Ladwig and Mayor Dickert, et al;
    I just read the State of WI is looking into whether a revised system of pensions for Govt. workers is possible under current State Law.  Is the City/County of Racine in a position now to explore this option as well? I know in the City of Racine we have restrictions until the current contracts expire, Next April. But it would be worthwhile to have the City/ County ready to pounce on this option when we create our own set of employment rules in 2013.  I am not in favor of eliminating pensions..but I think offering the CHOICE of 401K's or some hybrid would be beneficial to both the employees and the taxpayers.  Also portable 401K accounts offer more mobility to the employees when lay-offs and/or new job opportunities arise for those personnel.
I am also aware WEAC and other unions are using this as a fear tactic.  I suspect, if the State goes in this direction, most municipalities in WI will make similar changes.  This puts all of the best and brighest Govt. employees in play, as well as folks in the private sector who might like to put in a few years with a City, County or State govt.  if they can add to their own 401K's, while in that Govt. job.
I learned about this idea from a false e-mail that is circulating to Govt workers, especially WEAC members.  The J/S does a great job here of debunking the myth that Scott Walker is actually trying to "eliminate" pensions..but is merely trying to expand choice to Govt. employees. Improving the environment for all of us.  Here is the link to the JS Politi-Fact article: 
Feel free to respond to this email or via CRGofracine@tds,net   I look forward to responses and am available to take questions as well. 
                                       Ken Brown,
                                                        Spokesperson, CRG of Racine
                                                        Member Racine Taxpayers Association  

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