Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mark Demet Charged with 9 Felonies.

Monday the felony charges against Mark Demet were released to the media.  9 charges altogether..7 charges include the term "obtain money".  What could that possibly mean?  Did the Sheriff's investigator uncover evidence that Mark Demet was being PAID to collect signatures?  If that is true..who wrote the checks? How many "volunteers" were paid?

UPDATE:   I spoke to an Atty. in the DA's office, and the explanation is that there was no actual money transfer here, but the "Value" of a signature or vote is what is the "Value".  The Coding system brings up "Obtain Money" when entered into the database.  (Denise Lockwood at the Patch has made the same clarification.). 

Randolph Brandt, a few weeks ago, ran to the press like a man on fire to deny any connection to Mark Demet, Brandt suggested that I had planted him to collect signatures and then I busted him for doing it!  Mark might not be the smartest guy in the room, but I don't think he's stupid enough to let me set him up, and then call the DA's office and turn him in, so he could be charged with Felony's!  (For the record, I have NEVER met Mark Demet, I do know his brother Jeff, who was a victim in this crime).

On Caledonia Patch the following statement was issued:
"Randy Brandt, treasurer for the Committee to Recall Van Wanggaard, said Demet might have been planted to discredit the recall effort, but the criminal complaint doesn’t address that issue.
“The charges imply that money was somehow involved, but no one on the Committee knows him and I know we didn’t pay him,” Brandt said. “But I’m glad that the whole process is unfolding as it should. Someone who allegedly is trying to circumvent the petition process should be charged with the crimes. And it’s a pretty serious crime.”

If Brandt, or his committee didn't pay Demet..then who did? I'm told Mark Demet is not in a Union.   Or did one of the Unions go around offering $$$ for signatures?  Now here's another little tidbit that brings Brandt's credibility in question about knowing Mark.  Demet was down at the Sturtevant Wal-mart on several of the big traffic days..which was a targeted location by the Committee to Recall VW.  So I am sure some of the leaders of this group. Brandt, Kelly Gallagher, Diane Kovacs, etc. would've been in discussions with Mark Demet.

So Mark Demet signed 6 or 7 names at least.  But also signed the name of a dead person!  All of things we have claimed that the Dems have been up to for years Demet actually did.

As of today we have also heard the 1 Million signatures against Walker was really 815-850,000, an exaggeration of over 20%.  Furthermore of those signatures turned in it appears 15-20% of those signatures are either invalid, duplicates, out of state, dead, or out of the valid time frame.

It is unacceptable for us to tolerate voter /recall fraud at 15-20%!!  Imagine if the recall effort required a valid form of ID to be permitted to sign a recall..would they have gotten enough?  Probably not.  So now that Wisconsin requires Voter ID at the polls, we will make it much more difficult for them to "win" by fraud.  It's why the Left has been against voter ID forever.  Dem's win through cheating, and deception, and then they justify it by claiming to represent the "Middle Class".  I have news for them; The middle class is simply not as corrupt, as their childish, illegal behavior.

I would like to thank the Racine DA's office for investigating this matter, and then filing the appropriate charges. If this had happened in Milwaukee or Dane County..would they have even tried to investigate?

Here is a link to the Criminal Complaint


  1. the criminal complaint is cut off and we cant read the part that you mentioned. is there an entire pdf?

  2. Try it now. I updated the Link. Thanks for pointing it out.

  3. Isn't it just as possible, if not more likely, that this guy was attempting to discredit the recall by submitting names that would very obviously be challenged?

  4. Considering I know his brother who tells me he's a big lefty..I don't think he's bright enough to conceive of such a plot. i know Randy Brandt and his minions are trying to make that case..because the Dems were doing it in Kenosha during the Wirch Recall. Jim Dem's love voting system that a sloppy and loose. it's easier for them to change results in close elections.

  5. Jim, Republicans for the most part do not cheat or create fraud in the elections. Democrats do for a reason. Ever notice the liberals have to make everything into a moral argument? The liberals moral arguments largely are the reason why we are in this s---pole economy now. We have no jobs thanks to to unions and the unionowneddemocrats, we are now what 19 in the world in education because of the liberals! Yet we should just continue to bow down to them and allow them to sink this great country more?