Monday, February 13, 2012

12 people in a circle is not news!

As usual another day another protest.  Down in front of Uncorkt in downtown Racine is a dozen protesters marching in a circle with their silly posters pretending to be the 1% and bashing Paul Ryan and the Koch Brothers.Same Crap, different day. I just wonder whether these people have real jobs or are just professional protestors. CRG observes how the Dems, Unionista's, and "1%er's" PROTEST! Did you ever notice the TEA Party Rallys and wins.. The others Protest and whine!

Of course if 12 TEA Partiers get together Channel 4 doesn't send down a truck to cover it!  I seriously went down and took a few pictures and I counted 12 people in chanting circle!  What a joke!

1 comment:

  1. Channel 4 missed an opportunity. I saw the REA building took an egg-shot on one of their windows. Being it was just around the corner from the SEIU building (which enjoyed a breathless JT news story from it) the media is really falling down on their job. ;-)