Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mark Demet Charged with 9 Felonies.

Monday the felony charges against Mark Demet were released to the media.  9 charges altogether..7 charges include the term "obtain money".  What could that possibly mean?  Did the Sheriff's investigator uncover evidence that Mark Demet was being PAID to collect signatures?  If that is true..who wrote the checks? How many "volunteers" were paid?

UPDATE:   I spoke to an Atty. in the DA's office, and the explanation is that there was no actual money transfer here, but the "Value" of a signature or vote is what is the "Value".  The Coding system brings up "Obtain Money" when entered into the database.  (Denise Lockwood at the Patch has made the same clarification.). 

Randolph Brandt, a few weeks ago, ran to the press like a man on fire to deny any connection to Mark Demet, Brandt suggested that I had planted him to collect signatures and then I busted him for doing it!  Mark might not be the smartest guy in the room, but I don't think he's stupid enough to let me set him up, and then call the DA's office and turn him in, so he could be charged with Felony's!  (For the record, I have NEVER met Mark Demet, I do know his brother Jeff, who was a victim in this crime).

On Caledonia Patch the following statement was issued:
"Randy Brandt, treasurer for the Committee to Recall Van Wanggaard, said Demet might have been planted to discredit the recall effort, but the criminal complaint doesn’t address that issue.
“The charges imply that money was somehow involved, but no one on the Committee knows him and I know we didn’t pay him,” Brandt said. “But I’m glad that the whole process is unfolding as it should. Someone who allegedly is trying to circumvent the petition process should be charged with the crimes. And it’s a pretty serious crime.”

If Brandt, or his committee didn't pay Demet..then who did? I'm told Mark Demet is not in a Union.   Or did one of the Unions go around offering $$$ for signatures?  Now here's another little tidbit that brings Brandt's credibility in question about knowing Mark.  Demet was down at the Sturtevant Wal-mart on several of the big traffic days..which was a targeted location by the Committee to Recall VW.  So I am sure some of the leaders of this group. Brandt, Kelly Gallagher, Diane Kovacs, etc. would've been in discussions with Mark Demet.

So Mark Demet signed 6 or 7 names at least.  But also signed the name of a dead person!  All of things we have claimed that the Dems have been up to for years Demet actually did.

As of today we have also heard the 1 Million signatures against Walker was really 815-850,000, an exaggeration of over 20%.  Furthermore of those signatures turned in it appears 15-20% of those signatures are either invalid, duplicates, out of state, dead, or out of the valid time frame.

It is unacceptable for us to tolerate voter /recall fraud at 15-20%!!  Imagine if the recall effort required a valid form of ID to be permitted to sign a recall..would they have gotten enough?  Probably not.  So now that Wisconsin requires Voter ID at the polls, we will make it much more difficult for them to "win" by fraud.  It's why the Left has been against voter ID forever.  Dem's win through cheating, and deception, and then they justify it by claiming to represent the "Middle Class".  I have news for them; The middle class is simply not as corrupt, as their childish, illegal behavior.

I would like to thank the Racine DA's office for investigating this matter, and then filing the appropriate charges. If this had happened in Milwaukee or Dane County..would they have even tried to investigate?

Here is a link to the Criminal Complaint

Monday, February 27, 2012

Addressing the Fake Pension Scare for Govt. Employees

Greetings Aldermen, Exec. Ladwig and Mayor Dickert, et al;
    I just read the State of WI is looking into whether a revised system of pensions for Govt. workers is possible under current State Law.  Is the City/County of Racine in a position now to explore this option as well? I know in the City of Racine we have restrictions until the current contracts expire, Next April. But it would be worthwhile to have the City/ County ready to pounce on this option when we create our own set of employment rules in 2013.  I am not in favor of eliminating pensions..but I think offering the CHOICE of 401K's or some hybrid would be beneficial to both the employees and the taxpayers.  Also portable 401K accounts offer more mobility to the employees when lay-offs and/or new job opportunities arise for those personnel.
I am also aware WEAC and other unions are using this as a fear tactic.  I suspect, if the State goes in this direction, most municipalities in WI will make similar changes.  This puts all of the best and brighest Govt. employees in play, as well as folks in the private sector who might like to put in a few years with a City, County or State govt.  if they can add to their own 401K's, while in that Govt. job.
I learned about this idea from a false e-mail that is circulating to Govt workers, especially WEAC members.  The J/S does a great job here of debunking the myth that Scott Walker is actually trying to "eliminate" pensions..but is merely trying to expand choice to Govt. employees. Improving the environment for all of us.  Here is the link to the JS Politi-Fact article: 
Feel free to respond to this email or via CRGofracine@tds,net   I look forward to responses and am available to take questions as well. 
                                       Ken Brown,
                                                        Spokesperson, CRG of Racine
                                                        Member Racine Taxpayers Association  

Monday, February 13, 2012

12 people in a circle is not news!

As usual another day another protest.  Down in front of Uncorkt in downtown Racine is a dozen protesters marching in a circle with their silly posters pretending to be the 1% and bashing Paul Ryan and the Koch Brothers.Same Crap, different day. I just wonder whether these people have real jobs or are just professional protestors. CRG observes how the Dems, Unionista's, and "1%er's" PROTEST! Did you ever notice the TEA Party Rallys and wins.. The others Protest and whine!

Of course if 12 TEA Partiers get together Channel 4 doesn't send down a truck to cover it!  I seriously went down and took a few pictures and I counted 12 people in chanting circle!  What a joke!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Even Free ID isn't cheap enough. More Election Fraud coming soon!

Hudson Wisconsin DMV Drivers License equipment stolen!!! Anyone wanna guess how many ID's can be manufactured in the next 9 months? Maybe enough to sway a few close elections!  

Read the story Here!

StreetLight Escapades

"We'll leave the Light on." .....just not all of them.
The City of Racine, and WE-Energies  is turning off lights and removing streetlight poles and this is a good thing, in the opinion of CRG.

 The fact is, in this area of the city they have far more lights closer together than any other part of the city.  By removing a few lights and saving the taxpayers $$ is one of the hard choices that Mayor Dickert and the council have made. CRG salutes them!  We can save $80,000 a year!

While it's true Mayor Dickert shouldn't be blaming Gov Walker or the State Govt for these cuts, when OUR OWN City Council approved contract extensions that are costing us 100's of thousands of dollars per year in excess costs, which Gov Walker bravely gave them the power to enact. This could've been used to save taxpayers money and or save/ continue services.    CRG feels even if we had enacted Act 10, it's still irresponsible to keep lighting up streets excessively if the taxpayers are flipping the bill!

CRG asks: Why is Racine constantly looking to taxpayers from other parts of our state and country to cover our shortfalls, and excess spending?   For instance most communities in Wisconsin do not have trash collectors on salary as city employees with huge benefit programs;..and yet those little town citizens are being taxed by the state and feds so that the money those people have earned can be STOLEN from them in Hayward and Eagle River..and given to Racine..because Racine is unwilling to be responsible with it's own tax dollars..and feels Racine's folks are "ENTITLED" to have our trash collected by expensive city employees.  It's time to hire a private company to bid on the trash collection,  street sweeping, snow plowing, park mowing, trimming, foresting and numerous other services' thus reduce our spending at the City level by at least 15-25%.  CRG says pay off our debt ASAP,  and we can still provide taxpayers with the SERVICES they NEED and not breaking our banks or excessively taxing the community!

If every resident in the area losing streetlights would install a 75 watt bulb it would provide the same light to the street, and thus the safety needed for the citizenry with out asking every one else in the city, county, state and country to keep them out of the "dark".  Open your eyes South-siders..you can do this yourselves!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

This is what Election Fraud Looks like!!

Election Fraud it's all in the family!

I took the time to take a cursory glance at the 700 pages of Alpha sorted names from the Wangaard recall, http://www.vanwanggaard.com/ click Alpha list I was just looking for my own name and that of a few folks  I expected to find, and to see if others who shouldn't be listed were on the list.  Sure enough I had only to get to the "D's"..and I found my friend Jeff is reported to have signed the Recall.......4 Times!!!  I know my friend Jeff wouldn't have signed this recall..and I spoke with him today and he denied having signed and was clearly bothered that his name was on the this recall.  He will be signing an affidavit to stipulate he didn't sign these recalls.  I then took the names of all of the people with his last name and compared them to the actual documents originals Original recall forms PDF,  I found that "Jeff" had been recorded as a signer on forms circulated by Carmen Lassiter, John Scott, Brittanny Calloway, and on page 2755 by Mark Demet.  On this very same page Mark collected names and signatures of Mary, (Mark's own mother, who is unlikely to have signed this recall), and Jeff and Mark's other brother Greg Demet, who doesn't live in Racine and has lived in WATERTOWN, for the past 25 years!

The other 3 signatures for "Jeff" appear to match the writing style of Mark Demet, based upon his, (Marks) signature on page 2755 as the circulator! Thus I don't presume the forgery was committed by Carmen, John or Brittanny. 

Mary signature as recorded above on form # 2755, is also located on form # 3428, which was also circulated by Mark Demet!  not once but twice he knowingly either forged, or allowed to have forged his own Mothers signature!!

Also recorded twice was a "Jackson Demet", who is the son of Mark..and is signed with 2 different addresses. one on Arlington...the other on Buckingham, in Sturtevant I believe. Mark also signed twice as himself on form #2509 with Sergio Angliano; and secondly on form #241, where Laura Betker was the circulator. 

Now these were just for Van Wangaard's recall..I presume we will find these multiple fakes and forgeries on documents for Walker and Kleefish.   I will be turning this information over to the GAB, the Racine County DA's office, and the FBI, as well as the Van Wangaard campaign!.   Forgery of a legal document is a Federal offense I do believe..and I presume, at the very least it's a State offense.   If I was able to locate this level of fraud with just a cursory review...how many will we find with closer examination.  No wonder the Dems and the ACLU were trying to keep the Walker recalls form out of the eyes of the public!

Update:  Jackson Demet from Racine, WI gives his address as LaCrosse, WI on his FB page!. So does he live at EITHER of the addresses he signed as?  I would be curious to find out if he signed the Kapanke recalls last summer...hmmmm?

Media inquiries: LiberTEAracine@tds.net

 Media Trackers picked up the story...and Mark Demet left a comment threatening Libel!

WTMJ Channel 4 has the 10:00 news story here:  TV Interview.

TrueThevote.org oicked up the story as well.  TrueTheVote.org

UPDATE:   DA charges Mark DEMET with 9 Felony Charges:  CCAP report