Tuesday, January 24, 2012

If we are broke, why are we expanding benefits?

Today's J. Times reports the story of expanding health insurance benefits to domestic partners.  This would be a bad idea in any climate, but especially today when our City, State and Country are suffering form the high price of Govt. at every level.  There is a simple solution to this problem and CRG is asking the Alderman, the Unions and the Mayor to consider it.  Whenever the next contract or review period is up.  CRG recommends again asking what the cost of the benefit is for a single, unmarried employee, and how much the taxpayers currently contribute to that employees health care.  Then make that amount of contribution the baseline and extend ONLY that amount towards every single employee, that wishes to have it.  Then allow the free market to offer extended benefits to those employees and cover their spouses, children and domestic partners.

Alder-persons Mozel and Becker-Kaprellian please understand the purpose of the City Govt. is NOT a "Jobs and benefits program".  It is your responsibility to provide the NEEDED services at the best possible price to the taxpayers!  If Ms. Cronin doesn't like her benefits package..I suggest she quit her job and go work for Disney, or some other company that does off this sort of benefit.  Or option #2 for Ms. Cronin:  Reach deeper  into your own pocket and go purchase the needed insurance on your own.  The taxpayers are taxed enough already!!!