Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Is Racine City Govt over staffed?

A blogger "Business Week" did some research this week on Kenosha vs. Racine City Govt. spending and staffing his findings are noteworthy.
Kenosha Pop.   99,000      Annual Budget   199, Million     Full Time Empl.  740

Racine Pop.     79,000       Annual Budget   193 Million       Full Time Empl. 775

So lets review the above info.  Kenosha has 25% more citizens yet spends only 6 million dollars (3%) more than Racine?   Further: Spending per taxpayer in Kenosha 2,100.00 per year and Racine it's $2,440.00 per citizen? Kenosha is also geographically about 35% larger than Racine, with more roads, parks etc. Now it is true that our Water taste better. but does it taste $340.00 per citizen better? I don't think so. Lets dig a bit deeper.  The number of city employees in Racine is 5% HIGHER in Racine with 25% less "customers" to serve!  I have rec'd info. that Racine does have 200-500 seasonal and part time employees as well, and I am awaiting figures from Kenosha in regards to their PT staffing levels. Last night at City Hall a spokesperson for CRG of Racine (me) asked for "Our" City Administrator to meet with the CA of Kenosha and compare notes on where the costs and staffing levels of their govt. seem to be so much more efficient than ours. Mr. Friedel go earn your paycheck, and prove your value, and report back to CRG with results!   CRG is open to meeting with Mayor and Alderman with suggestions to help reduce Racine's City spending to around  $160 million per year. Lose the 35-150 extra employees for starters. 

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