Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Bravo Mayor Dickert Let's keep First Fridays rolling.

Thanks to Mayor Dickert for meeting with the spokesperson from First Friday's.  We had some consternation again this year about keeping the event and the booze free-flowing from 6-9.  For the past 7 years those "rules" have been set aside so that folks can come down and enjoy the street scape camaraderie,  shops, bands and more.  This event has grown to be the biggest, most successful event in our city's recent history.  A few grouchy folks have tried to be the "turd in the punch-bowl" and stop the party.  Thanks to the Mayor, the Police Chief and others of recognizing our great contribution to our cities success and future.  It's time to expand this event to EVERY Friday from Memorial Day to Labor Day..this merchant and a few others I have spoken with, will stay open so lets get this happening!

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