Tuesday, August 16, 2011

BID President paying his tenants to spy on his neighbors!

CRG has learned that Mark Levine, the President of the BID group for Downtown..has offered a huge discount to his potential tenants..if they will make frequent calls to the Racine Police Dept.   CRG has obtained affidavits of this from a prospective tenant and her a separate witness.   In the statement it claims that "Mr. Levine began telling me about "issues" the two bars, namely the one downstairs (next door, The Place on 6th), and the one across the street (Park 6)  were having due to noise.  Mr L. then stated that he was working with the Alderman who owns one of the bars to clean up the place.  Mr. Levine stated that the Alderman's bar would be closed for 2 weeks to install security cameras."...."Mr Levine stated "Let me tell you about the special discount available"....If the noise level was too high and I called the police and e-mailed him and the Alderman in Racine, my rent would be reduced form the original price of $740.00 to $600.00 dollars per month......Mr. L. then told me it was a substantial discount.....That i would get as long as I kept calling and complaining about the noise from those two bars."

CRG would like to know if the Mayor, the Police Chief, or other Alderman have cooperated in any way with Mr. Levine..to encourage this level of harassment on these 2 bars.  The letter signer asked whether these were only bars in the area, to which he replied "No".  But that these were the only ones in the area with "Issues".

Is this further harassment of Alderman Keith Fair?

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