Friday, February 11, 2011

CRG joins the discussion.

CRG is a PAC, with a goal similar to the Club for Growth, which has on a national basis changed the course of the conversation on just what the Government should do, versus the old style of the Govt. should do just about everything.  We will support candidates which share our goals. 

Next week the city will have 2 Aldermanic and a Mayoral primary.  After the primary is over there will be 6 of the 8 Aldermanic seats with challengers. and of course the mayoral race.  Beginning last month CRG of Racine hosted Meet the challengers on Car 25 on The George Meyers Show.  We were thrilled that nearly all of the 10 new faces were able to be included in our shows. 

Later this month we will offer a forum for each competitive district with the incumbent and the challenger. It is not our goal to make these contentious "debates", but a forum where each candidate can address the same several questions together. 

We urge you to support our cause as we locate more people who share our goals we can have a greater impact on elections even in the Big Govt. mindset of the City of Racine.

Follow us on Facebook at CRG of Racine.  New postings will usually be linked. 

In just our first few weeks of existence CRG has had a major impact on the Mayors race with the introduction of our first Radio spot on WRJN.  The online polls are reflecting the change in attitude in just one week.  The sloppy setting up of the Mayors website and campaign office, were just a few items.  CRG is looking very intently at the NSP program, which appears to be a disaster in the making and should NEVER have been a City taxpayer project.  CRG will be hosting several bloggers to contribute to our blog.  Each bloggers' views shall be his or hers, and will not necessarily reflect the entire group.