Sunday, January 20, 2013

Put City Employees on Obama-Care NOW and save $14 Million

In the City of Racine, and the county the people voted overwhelmingly for President Obama, Russ Feingold, and Tammy Baldwin.  Thus it's a safe bet that the majority of those folks support the idea of Obama-Care.  Among the Govt. Employees of Racine city, county, Gateway, and RUSD It's a safe bet the same is true among the staff of each of those entities.

Under Obama-Care Employers with over 50 employees have 2 options:
First they can offer a plan with mandates imposed by the Federal Govt.
Secondly They can NOT insure their employees, and pay a 2000 per employee "Fine", that will be used to set up "exchanges".

Since each of these entities above has more than 50 employees, and are facing difficulties in funding I suggest we take advantage of option #2.

For instance the City of Racine has about 800 employees.  At a cost of 2000.00 per employee the cost to the city would be about 1.2 Million dollar for the "Fine".    We are currently spending in excess of 16 Million dollars a year in health insurance costs. This would treat every worker fairly and equally regardless of gender, age, race or sexual preference.  More importantly though it would save the City of Racine Taxpayers  over 14.8 Million dollars a YEAR!!   That is enough cash to eliminate every tax increase we have had in over a decade!  Those Saving will last for years to come!

If the same ObamaCare policy that the Democrats voted for almost unanimously in America were applied to the City, State, Federal employees we would balance our budget in ONE year I believe.  The surpluses available at every level of Govt. would mean big tax cuts across many levels of Govt for years to come.   It might also make a Lifetime of Govt employment not as appealing.

This is something for us to seriously consider.  Let it begin in Racine, before we vote raise our own taxes.  If the message gets around the country fast enough, we could see the end of Obama-Care before it ruins the fabric of American business and liberty forever!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

"It's a Bling thing, you wouldn't understand". Racine Voting

Jameel Ghuari has made a small fortune "Getting out the Vote" for years in the City of Racine.  Milwaukee and most other Democratic leaning city's have their own version of Mr. G.   
This Tuesday Jameel went off on a volunteer election observer screaming about slavery and voter intimidation at Festival Hall in downtown Racine.  the police officer at the scene noted that Mr. Ghuari has a history of this sort of behavior.  I spoke with a Democratic official who had a similar run in several years ago with him.

Now why would Mr. G be so intense?  It's because his scheme is to go out on election and wrap on doors and drag folks down to vote.  He gets paid for this service. (As a capitalist I have no  problem with that portion of his effort), But then he rewards the voters when they display their "I  Voted" sticker with coupons for free drinks, sandwiches and other things of value.  Let's call it "BLING".

I contacted the City Clerks office today to learn why the City was reporting numbers separately from the County Clerk?  I was advised the decision was from the City Administrator and the Clerk, and it's unclear whether the County Clerk was advised.  it seems very fishy to me. 

So obviously the failure of Voter ID to be in effect has caused another scamming of the honest voters in Racine City and County.  We can thank a Lefty Democratic Judge in Madison for gumming up the works.  The Stat Supremes need to bring this issue up immediately before the November Elections.

Vicki McKenna discusses this on her Madison radio program WIBA:
Listen here

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Election Day in Downtown Racine 3:00 report

I did a few checks today of Festival Hall in Downtown Racine.  They have 2 wards voting there today as of 3:00 the total votes was less than 1000 combined.  New Registration's were very high I saw 8 people in line and 8 at the table registering.

A friend of mine who has lots of experience with Racine..and especially Festival hall and the plans that have been used to cheat in the past.  Told me of a story where a man was handing out slips of paper with names and addresses to people deboarding a GOTV van.  Today we have 2 observers at Fest. Hall...I'm encouraging the GOP to get 2 or 3 more poll watchers down there. before 5:00 that's when the cheating ramps up!

Today Jameel Ghurai who is a well known Knock and Dragger..who gets hired to collect voters to show up.  He gets half down in advance..and he guaranty's a certain number of voters, to collect the balance.

I've heard of Voters being given rewards for voting, Cig's drinks, sandwiches etc.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Fling the Bling for voting!

The Knock & Draggers have been out en force in Milwaukee, Madison and Racine.  Trying to find those voters that otherwise might stay home.  Some are hanging out at polling places wearing "JOBS Now" T-shirts, reports of mentally incompetent nursing home elders are requesting permanent absentee ballots.

 This election the Knock and Draggers aren't getting the kind of $$$ for their service they have scored in past elections.    I have heard reports from sources that many of the rider/voters are used to getting on the bus, going down to vote and then getting a little "Bling"  when they show off their "I voted" sticker.   Sometimes it's a drink coupon, sometimes it's a deal off a little BBQ at Wilburs back in the day.  (In Milwaukee "Speed Queen" BBQ is the prize...and I'm told it's the best BBQ in the state!).  But this year the confidence in the results..seem to be in question..and the regular joints aren't willing to Fling the Bling!   Poll watchers at Racine City Hall haven't seen a whole lot of early voting..I guess Barrett and Lehman aren't very stimulating guys.

Reports from Milw. City Hall from Saturday when the Dems threw a big shebang to get out the vote (GOTV) and only about 350 city voters early voted on Saturday. far fewer than than the extra couple thousand they had hoped to get.

In Racine County the Democratic Party seem to be in disarray.   In fact the RDP which has had 2 major upheavals in the past 7 years in it's leadership..seems to be on the verge of yet another mutiny.  Jane Witt's leadership "style" doesn't seem to create a very welcoming follower-ship.  Her intolerance and brash personality has rubbed some of her "subjects' the wrong way.  Some of those other factions seems to be quite unhappy.  It also appears to be a little bit of a race or class division.  After the RDP's nudging Bob Turner out of running so they could save a seat for Corey Mason...some of the black members are realizing they might just be needed for GOTV and not really needed in between elections.

AFSCME membership is in free fall!   It's amazing how many AFSCME members have left. Nearly 55% of them have quit in the first year they the chance!  Imagine how many will quit here in the City of Racine when the contracts expire in 2013.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Wanggard or Lehman? NEITHER!

Attn. Racine City residents:
CRG asks the question:

Who will be your State Senator in January of 2013?

Van Wanggaard or John Lehman?


No matter who wins on June 5th, neither of them is “our” Senator anymore. Thanks to redistricting the Senate District #21 now includes Caledonia, Most of Mt. Pleasant and almost all of Kenosha County except for the City of Kenosha. It doesn't include the City of Racine any more.

The city of Racine's new SD#22 will be an “open” seat for those of us in Racine. Sen Bob Wirch who has spent 16 years in office has decided he will move his home into the new district and will be running to represent the people of Kenosha and Racine cities. You might think he would run unopposed..but how many people who actually live in the City of Racine even know a hing about Sen. Bob Wirch?

Not very many. The good news for Racine is that Bob Wirch will have a challenger:

This morning WLIP am 1050 on the Lenny Palmer Show

PAM STEVENS announced she will be running for the SD # 22!

Pam Stevens has been on the KUSD for the past 9 years where she served 2 years as Board President. Pam is a single Mom, Grandmother, business manager and is very interested in Educational oppurtunites for all children. Ms. Stevens was a supporter of school choice for Racine and would support expanding the program to the KUSD district. Ms Stevens Is also concerned about crime in the KR region, and will work with law enforcement, the DA's office and the judiciary to improve our system.

CRG of Racine has asked Ms. Stevens to explore the extension of 794 into, and through the Cities of Racine and Kenosha. CRG urges you to check her out her facebook page Pam Stevens for Senate, or her web site

Please check her out, either Pam Stevens or Bob Wirch will represent those of us here in the City of Racine.

When things get tough Racine can count on Pam Stevens to stay in Madison and do her job, not run off to Rockford. If Pam is elected Racine can count on her to keep the budget spending under control and not to raise taxes. Racine can depend on Pam Stevens to watch for fraud and abuse of our welfare system. Most importantly when a company wants to bring jobs to Wisconsin, whether its for mining, science, manufacturing or promoting our natural resources from boarder to boarder, Pam Stevens understands the importance of jobs and Wisconsins future. Lower Taxes, smaller Govt. and more individual liberty. At first blush Ms. Stevens looks like someone to watch!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Kenosha County Recall Fraud!!

It looks like our buddy Mark Demet was also busy in KENOSHA CO.!!   I submitted the following information to the Kenosha DA's office and the Sheriff's Dept. for investigation.  I am pleased to report that so far they are taking the investigation seriously! I spoke with the DA's office twice yesterday, and the Asst. DA I spoke with suggested specifically which Sheriff's investigator I should contact, and supported my cause by contacting him independently as well. 

"Today I began reviewing signatures on the Scott Walker recall forms and have already come across a few improprieties, which should be investigate, by the proper authorities. 

Page 071942 from the web site.  (I have copied the pages for you convenience, Contains 6 different persons residing at the Address 4415 31St St, Kenosha, WI 53144.  Each has a different last name than rest except for Mark Demet and Homer Demet.    I have information that Mark Demet resides in the City of Racine with his mother Mary Demet at 2409 Arlington Ave, Racine, WI 53403.  It also appears that Mary Demet is a Widow…The widow of Homer DEMET who died November 6th 2004.   It is suspicion that Homer Demet, Deceased had his name recorded on the Recall forms in order to commit election fraud. Attached is a CCAP report of the death Probate data. Click Here
 It is my suspicion that the deed was done by Mr. Mark Demet, who also falsified each of their addresses, including his own.

I checked via CCAP for each of the other 4 individuals with a connection to that same address, 4415 31st Ave, Kenosha, WI 53144, but I located Zero information about any of them. 

As you look down the petition it is clearly evident that the names and addresses of all 6 persons were printed by the same individual. (see lines 4-9)  According to the recall laws, it IS legal to be preformed by the CIRCULATOR only! NOT by any other individual.  The printing style and ink pressure in no way matches the printing style of Laurie Bonnar the circulator.  Either Ms. Bonnar, knowingly allowed one person to fill out 6 lines of this form and attested to it’s veracity, or Ms. Bonnar allowed the circulation papers out of her sight, and still swore to the veracity of those signatures which she did not in fact witness.

I urge the DA’s and it’s law enforcement agents to investigate Ms. Bonnar and the 6 “Signers”, to verify the addresses match these folks and furthermore to ensure that each of the 4 persons did in fact wish to sign this recall.  Further to check whether Mr. Mark Demet does in fact hold residence at 4415 31st Ave, or does he in fact reside at 2409 Arlington.  Did Mr. Mark Demet bear false witness at either residence in attempt to commit Election Fraud? Finally and most importantly was the identity theft of a deceased individual used for the purposes of forgery on a Recall petition, and was that deed committed by Mr. Mark Demet? Was Ms. Bonnar aware that her circulation papers were being falsified by someone impersonating a deceased individual?

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

                   Ken Brown Citizens for Responsible Government"

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mark Demet Charged with 9 Felonies.

Monday the felony charges against Mark Demet were released to the media.  9 charges altogether..7 charges include the term "obtain money".  What could that possibly mean?  Did the Sheriff's investigator uncover evidence that Mark Demet was being PAID to collect signatures?  If that is true..who wrote the checks? How many "volunteers" were paid?

UPDATE:   I spoke to an Atty. in the DA's office, and the explanation is that there was no actual money transfer here, but the "Value" of a signature or vote is what is the "Value".  The Coding system brings up "Obtain Money" when entered into the database.  (Denise Lockwood at the Patch has made the same clarification.). 

Randolph Brandt, a few weeks ago, ran to the press like a man on fire to deny any connection to Mark Demet, Brandt suggested that I had planted him to collect signatures and then I busted him for doing it!  Mark might not be the smartest guy in the room, but I don't think he's stupid enough to let me set him up, and then call the DA's office and turn him in, so he could be charged with Felony's!  (For the record, I have NEVER met Mark Demet, I do know his brother Jeff, who was a victim in this crime).

On Caledonia Patch the following statement was issued:
"Randy Brandt, treasurer for the Committee to Recall Van Wanggaard, said Demet might have been planted to discredit the recall effort, but the criminal complaint doesn’t address that issue.
“The charges imply that money was somehow involved, but no one on the Committee knows him and I know we didn’t pay him,” Brandt said. “But I’m glad that the whole process is unfolding as it should. Someone who allegedly is trying to circumvent the petition process should be charged with the crimes. And it’s a pretty serious crime.”

If Brandt, or his committee didn't pay Demet..then who did? I'm told Mark Demet is not in a Union.   Or did one of the Unions go around offering $$$ for signatures?  Now here's another little tidbit that brings Brandt's credibility in question about knowing Mark.  Demet was down at the Sturtevant Wal-mart on several of the big traffic days..which was a targeted location by the Committee to Recall VW.  So I am sure some of the leaders of this group. Brandt, Kelly Gallagher, Diane Kovacs, etc. would've been in discussions with Mark Demet.

So Mark Demet signed 6 or 7 names at least.  But also signed the name of a dead person!  All of things we have claimed that the Dems have been up to for years Demet actually did.

As of today we have also heard the 1 Million signatures against Walker was really 815-850,000, an exaggeration of over 20%.  Furthermore of those signatures turned in it appears 15-20% of those signatures are either invalid, duplicates, out of state, dead, or out of the valid time frame.

It is unacceptable for us to tolerate voter /recall fraud at 15-20%!!  Imagine if the recall effort required a valid form of ID to be permitted to sign a recall..would they have gotten enough?  Probably not.  So now that Wisconsin requires Voter ID at the polls, we will make it much more difficult for them to "win" by fraud.  It's why the Left has been against voter ID forever.  Dem's win through cheating, and deception, and then they justify it by claiming to represent the "Middle Class".  I have news for them; The middle class is simply not as corrupt, as their childish, illegal behavior.

I would like to thank the Racine DA's office for investigating this matter, and then filing the appropriate charges. If this had happened in Milwaukee or Dane County..would they have even tried to investigate?

Here is a link to the Criminal Complaint